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School supplies at the Teachers' Supply Closet
School supplies at the Teachers' Supply Closet

Teachers’ Supply Closet received a $25K grant and the Greenville Literacy Center received a $145.7K grant, both from Power:Ed.

Teachers’ Supply Closet received a $25,000 grant and the Greenville Literacy Center received a $145,700 grant from Power:Ed, philanthropy of SC Student Loan. 

Teachers’ Supply Closet, which serves schools in Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley Counties, will use their grant to ensure teachers and students in local Title I schools have the classroom supplies they need to learn.  

Without Teachers’ Supply Closet, many teachers would be forced to use their own funds to get their students the supplies they need to learn—or ask the students to go without. While supply shortages are always an issue in these high-poverty schools, the COVID-19 crisis has made it even more difficult because pandemic protocols don’t allow students to share materials and many students are still learning virtually.  

“We believe that all children should be prepared to succeed regardless of their financial circumstances, and that teachers should focus on teaching with no obligation to provide school supplies at their own expense,” said Lynette Duggins, Executive Director of Teachers' Supply Closet. “We’re thrilled to have the support of Power:Ed to ensure that teachers and students are supported during these challenging times.” 

Students at Greenville Literacy AssocationThe Greenville Literacy Association will use their grant to expand their Agile GED Bootcamp. The program will be an intensive learning model that provides the skills students need to pass their GED test. The program will be staffed by a part-time project manager as well instructors who are specially trained in their curriculum areas. These staffing additions will accommodate rolling admissions, which will help ensure students can start learning as soon as they complete orientation. The grant additionally provides for much-needed supplies to increase the number of students served. Students will also work with the GLA to define their college and career plans at the start of the program, ensuring they have a clear path to enter the workforce or pursue higher education.  

"Now, more than ever before, we need to be student-centered,” said John Jaraczewski, Executive Director of The Greenville Literacy Association. “The investment in our Agile GED Bootcamp enables us to deploy our expertise and new learning technologies to support the unique needs of the student. With our community partner Power:Ed, we will make a greater impact on the lives and livelihoods of adult-learners from across our region." 

About Power:Ed

Power:Ed, a philanthropy of SC Student Loan is dedicated to creating opportunities for South Carolina’s youth by supporting low-income, minority, and first-generation students; improving access to college and degree completion; and creating pathways to quality workforce opportunities.  

“We’re proud to be able to support the mission of these two organizations,” Power:Ed Director Sara Fisher says. “Their efforts align with our goals of supporting low-income students and improving access to college and degree completion.” 

If you're interested in applying for a grant or partnering with Power:Ed, learn how to apply. The deadline for the next round of grant funding is January 1

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